Chris Combs
Image of No-Touch Hand-Washing Countdown Timer: NORMY-Sized

No-Touch Hand-Washing Countdown Timer: NORMY-Sized


This hand-washing timer counts down the 20 seconds required to zap COVID-19 when washing your hands with soapy water.

You turn it on by waving your hands in front (no touch); it counts down seconds after a short delay to let you get your hands in the soap + water. It has a red LED screen. A clear cover lets you wipe the front surface clean if you should happen to touch it.

Some fine print: THIS IS NOT A HEALTH OR MEDICAL DEVICE. It's just a timer!

Price includes USPS shipping. Orders ship in 1-3 weeks. It's a strange time in the supply chain so I will keep you updated if any further delays pop up.

The picture shows a real prototype. I am still finalizing the clear cover, paint, and other small details; there may be other small changes, but this shows about what you'll receive. BTW, these timers are not my invention--I've designed these particular versions but can't take credit for the idea!

Note that the BIGGIE-sized screen is dimmer, and is hard to read in direct sunlight.

These timers come in three sizes:

BIGGIE. Box is 7" wide, with 5” wide numbers. (Least bright)
NORMY. Box is 5" wide, with 2” wide numbers.
KAWAII. Box is 4" tall, with 1.25" wide chunky pixel screen. (Most bright)

- All include $10 donation to DC's SOME (So Others May Eat)
- Needs ~1' open space in front of it
- Can be countertop or wall mounted (fits on to 2 screws)
- Can be wiped clean to disinfect
- No settings or buttons, nothing to set up or configure
- Aluminum Hammond enclosure, painted 3d-printed plastic front panel with transparent cover
- Costs more than a consumer product because I'm hand assembling them in small quantity and using high quality parts
- Includes a 1-year warranty for parts and labor